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The Phat Bottom Microphone

This microphone gives your KICK drum the thunder it has been missing!

The Phat Bottom is a extended frequency kick drum mic that adds depth, tone, and clarity like never before. It works very well with other microphones and it stands tall when its alone to produce a big round kick sound.

  • Amazing Sound!

    The Phat Bottom is a kick drum microphone that is designed to capture the extended-low frequencies. We describe the tone as full, round, rich, and powerful.

  • Completely Unique!

    Every single Phat Bottom is different and the grain and color will vary. The solid wood body is hand made with Pacific-Northwest Alder. 

  • Made in Pacific Northwest!

    We focus on keeping all production in the USA. We are commited to support our local community. 

Microphone Specs

The Phat Bottom is constructed with a beautiful hand-crafted wood body and stainless steel hardware. It comes in two classic options--natural and ebony finish. 

*9.5 inches/24.13 centimeters diameter

*3" inches/7.62 centimeters depth

*Frequency range 18Hz to 6500Hz

*150 ohm impedance

*Gold plated Amphenol XLR jack 

*Integrated microphone stand adapter (5/8" fine thread)

*Neodymium magnet

*Stainless steel hardware

*Weight  varies 3 to 4 lbs depending on the density of the wood

*Handmade in the USA


Why do I need a low-frequency microphone?

The way we listen to music has really changed over the past years.  Headphones have been designed and marketed to reproducing lower frequencies.  Venues for live music has started adding ultra low subs that output to 18 Hz .  In 2018 the first 108 key Grand piano was made with the lowest note of C0 which is 16 Hz. 

The truth is, people want to experience more from music and adding deeper frequencies creates that experience. The Phat Bottom can provide those deep frequencies from your Kick drum and create the experience your craving.

What is the difference?


Every mic from each manufacturer will sound different and distinct. The Phat Bottom's tone is full, round, deep, and impactful. It responds very well to each kick transient. Adding the perfect amount of low-end to create the prefect audio balance.

From the prototype stage we  found that the Phat Bottom also stands tall as a solo mic on kick drums. If your kick drum is ported or not don't worry! You can't go wrong with the Phat Bottom!

Why did we use wood for the micrphone body?

 For the microphone to work properly. The mic needs a large diaphragm. With a large diaphragm you need a big mic body. If you have a big mic body we believe it needs to look amazing, elegant and made with craftsman quality.

Wood is the BEST choice! We want you to be proud of what you put in front of your kick. You deserve to have a great looking mic to compliment your killer drum kit.

Does the wood body make a difference In tone?

Wood is resonant and that’s why it is great for acoustic instruments. We believe the wood body has a role in the amazing tone that is captured. 

Does it need another microphone to work?

No, it might be the only mic that you need in small venues. Don't get the wrong impression its not a bully. It plays fair in a dual mic kick drum configuration..  Using two mics helps the microphones to focus on the dominant tones wanted from kick drums. The attack of the batter head captured from mic placed inside a port and the Phat Bottom placed on the resonant head, placed more to the edge. 

How long will it take to get my Phat Bottom?

Microphones are shipped weekly. 

Other products will be shipped 2-3 buisness days from the order date.


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